luna pimple patches

fast-acting, non-drying vegan hydrocolloid patches


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10mm and 12mm patches

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Clean and green clean and green
Path cruelty-free
Fragrance fragrance-free
Vegan vegan
Leaping Bunny Certified

why it sells out: 
Fast-acting and non-drying, these vegan hydrocolloid patches are clinically proven to absorb all pimple fluids and shrink your blemishes in hours, leaving behind clear and smooth skin.

Want more? These patches are good for all skin types and attached to rippable PET plastic, which is completely recyclable, and the most recycled plastic worldwide. Yay!

Made in Korea



How to use

rip the sheet where
you would like to
remove a patch

gently lift off the patch
with the help of the
perforated sheet

apply on clean skin for
6 hrs to protect and
heal your pimple

rip, stick, repeat

rip, stick, repeat

1. rip the sheet.

2. lift the patch.

3. place on clean skin for 6 hrs or overnight.


(it's that easy)

two sizes, a million options

two sizes, a million options

our patches come in 2 different sizes:

10mm and 12mm.


use them on your face, neck, or any other part of your body!

a power duo

a power duo

Introducing the cocoon set, the duo that will restore and help strengthen your skin overnight.


Flatten blemishes overnight with our luna pimple patches and jumpstart your skin’s recovery with our ultra-nourishing new moon balm.

and because we love gifts...

and because we love gifts...

with every purchase of our luna pimple patches, you'll receive these limited moth hair clips.

use during your skincare routine, or wear them out. they're super cute, so totally up to you!