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The microcosmos set is the perfect routine for sensitive skin. Wanna know why?

71% of Americans have sensitive skin. Woof. We have it, too, which is why we specifically developed our microcosmos set with sensitive skin besties like you in mind.

Here's why this set is your new sensitive skincare soulmate:

1. Non-abrasive formulations that will hug your skin

This set contains nourishing, gentle, and non-stripping ingredients that sensitive skin LOVES!


2. Hypoallergenic

We take 'gentle' to a whole new level. Our products are rigorously RIPT patch-tested for sensitivities, and guess what? Not a single participant experienced any visible skin reactions. YAY!

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3. Skin barrier and microbiome support

With a proprietary blend of vitamins, nutrients, and probiotic extract, this set will feed the good bacteria on your skin, and reduce your skin’s moisture loss. Checks all the boxes for skin barrier support? YES!

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4. Five-star reviews from sensitive customers

All of our sensitive skin besties agree! We have received hundreds of five-star reviews from all of our customers who report they have sensitive skin just like you!

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5. It’s a full skincare routine for morning and night

In just four easy steps, you will cleanse, tone, strengthen, and moisturize your sensitive skin – it's that simple, and your skin will radiate like the microcosmos itself!

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