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5 reasons why this is the toner of your dreams

1. Gentle exfoliation

Say goodbye to dull skin! Our toner doesn't just hydrate; it gives your skin an otherworldly glow. Powered by Mandelic Acid, one of the friendliest chemical exfoliants around, it gently sweeps away dead skin cells without any hint of irritation.

2. All skin types are welcome!

It's a toner party, and everyone's invited! Whether your skin is as sensitive, dry, or oily, our award-winning toner has got your back (and your front!)—we're talking nine awards and counting! 🏆

3. Repairs your skin barrier

Your skin deserves a little TLC, and our toner knows just how to deliver it. Packed with fatty acids, reparative oils, and ceramides, it's like a cozy blanket for your skin's delicate barrier. Strength and resilience, here you come!

4. Even more hydrating than hyaluronic acid

Our hero ingredient, Snow Mushroom, can hold 1,000 times its weight in water, making your skin plump and juicy.

5. Aesthetic Packaging

Encapsulated in glass packaging, this toner makes your skincare routine a luxurious event, day and night. And when you've used it all up, why not transform the bottle into a chic flower vase?


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