Calling all Lighters!


Today we’re launching a

good light TikTok Challenge!


You can win $100 - all you need to

do is make a fun 15sec video to win

the $$$ - and free prods for

ALL participants.


Keep scrolling to learn more...



The challenge:

Have you been on the spooky side of

TikTok recently? We have.

The challenge is simple: make a TikTok video

revealing your good light AND your bad light.

Details are below, and then all you have

to do is record, hashtag, and post!



How to enter:

Step 1. Load this song into your TikTok.

Step 2. Record the first part of your video showing off your good light WITH your good light. This could be you basking in the sun and showcasing your favorite product.

Step 3. Show off your bad light! This is a chance to get spooky, maybe show off a dark makeup look, weird lighting in your room, or your spookiest halloween look!

Step 4. Be sure to tag us and #goodlightchallenge #goodlightbadlight

The deadline is October 31st to

post your video to TikTok!

What will you win?

EVERYONE who enters will receive our newest product, the Luna Pimple Patches!

The FIRST 25 entries will also receive

a $20 venmo from team good light.

The WINNER who posts

the best #goodlightbadlight

TikTok will receive $100!


Winner(s) will be announced

Monday, Nov 1st!



Need some inspo?


Send us a message on social or email

We can’t wait to see you show off

your good light and bad light!

good luck :)